About KBC


The KnowledgeBuilder Course (KBC) is a regular programme of Deen Communications Limited. It’s held three times in a year - during the Easter break, Christmas break and the first weekend in Ramadan.
Since 1999, the Research and Outreach Department of DCL has been organizing courses with the aim of imparting the teachings of Islaam on the participants in a practical manner. These non-residential courses are facilitated by learned teachers and researchers with diverse backgrounds.
About 50 courses have however been facilitated and some of the issues covered by recent courses include but not limited to:
· What do Muslims Believe?
· Introduction to Fiqh
· “Ask and It shall be given unto you”
· “I have been sent only for the purpose of perfecting good morals”
· Salaah: The Key to Al-Jannah
· Ramadaan: Rewards and Reawakening.
· “And Whatsoever The Messenger Gives You, Take it; and Whatsoever he Forbids, Abstain (from it)” Suuratul Hashr [59:7].
· The Making of a Muslim Home.
· For A Better You.
· General Issues of Faith
· You must know this Man!
· Golden Advice
· For you or for him
· Ask and you shall be answered
· He Came To Teach You Your Religion;
· After Difficulty Comes Ease;
· In The Life Of A Muslim;
· Eeeman: Boosters and Busters;
· The Gates of Paradise,
· Why are we different?, 
· General Issues Of Faith among others.